how it all began, and where it's all going

Life Dress was conceived somewhere around the middle of 2018 and was born on May 5, 2019. Its conception consisted of a single dress and it would grow into what became an entire shop, and now, an entire non-profit organization dedicating to abolishing abortion through mind-changing conversations - all sparked by what we wear.

I asked myself, as an activist, what's the best way to reach the most people in our every day lives with the issue of abortion? Wearing what we stand for.

Since then, Life Dress has grown into an organization that is focused on using pro-life art and fashion to start conversations and change hearts & minds. 

All Life Dresses are thrifted & hand-painted, completely one-of-a-kind - just like every human life.

Abortion is the greatest human rights injustice of our time and ending it requires a culture change.

Together with partnered organizations, Life Dress is spreading the pro-life message through unique apparel, activism workshops, and various initiatives to support the mission of protecting both mother and child.

Hundreds of Life Dress apparel items have been hand-painted and sold since 2019, and we only continue to grow. Lives have been touched, hearts have been moved, and minds have been changed by the impact of - the unexpected - a simple dress with a powerful message.

want to be friends?

Or collaborate? Or partner? Or just ask a question, offer a suggestion, or share your pro-life story? I'd love to hear from you!

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