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  • what if I want to wear a Life Dress, but I'm afraid of the backlash if I wear it out in public?
    Wearing the pro-life message boldly can definitely be intimidating at first! But try to remember that the purpose of wearing a "style that speaks for life" is to give a voice to those who do not have one. Wearing the pro-life message and starting conversations about abortion can give a voice to preborn human beings who otherwise have no one to defend them. I also recommend following the Life Dress Newsletter and keeping up with us @lifedressorg on Instagram - you'll find yourself a whole community of fellow Life Dress-wearers who will support you and help you feel bold enough to have these dialogues out in the world. If you need more help, feel free to DM or send a message on the contact page! I would love to help you feel confident enough to speak up for life!
  • how should I care for my Life Dress apparel?
    most Life Dress apparel items can be machine-washed on a delicate cycle option and hung on a line to dry. Make sure you always turn the item inside out to perserve the design. If you have a more delicate apparel item or want to increase longevity, I recommend handwashing.
  • why is everything thrifted?
    every Life Dress is thrifted & hand-painted, which make each and every one totally unique - just like every human life. Life Dresses are also thrifted in an effort to raise awareness against fast fashion, its connection to human trafficking; which in-turn helps to fuel the global abortion industry. I call this the Human Rights Injustice Trifecta.
  • do you ship internationally?
    yes! At check-out, your shipping price will be automatically calculated based on whether you're in the U.S. or international. Life Dress ships all over the world!
  • how is Life Dress working to end abortion globally?
    a big part of Life Dress' mission is to end abortion on a global scale by using the universal language of art. Art can be shared and understood across every country, culture, and community. Life Dress is harnessing the unique power of pro-life art to influence people, start conversations, and change minds all over the world! You can find out where in the world we are and the initiatives we're working on by following the Life Dress Newsletter or blog, and by following us @lifedressorg on Instagram.
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