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Life Dress is heading to Romania for the National Pro-Life Conference

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Abortion is currently legal up to 14 weeks in Romania.

"The average Romanian woman will have three or four abortions in her life, compared with no more than one for women in the West. Romania has the highest abortion rate in Europe, and also has the highest rate of deaths in women caused by abortion. Around 20% per cent of Romanian women who have multiple abortions are left infertile as a result." - A report done by The First Step on the state of abortion in Romania.

"I have a patient who has had 22 abortions; one of my colleagues has one who has had 37. But most of the regulars has had so many that they don’t remember the exact number." - Dr. Ciprian Cristescu, a gynecologist at Giulesti Hospital in Bucharest.

Pro-life advocates in Romania work tirelessly to reach women facing unplanned pregnancy. Pregnancy resource centers are available for women who may be considering abortion and feel they have no other options. In addition to this, activists are working to change the culture, too.

This May, there will be a National Pro-Life Conference in Bucharest, Romania. Life Dress president, Angelique Clark has been invited to speak at the conference on why it is critical that we approach a culture change with the universal language of art. Creating visibility for the preborn is an important aspect of persuading new generations to recognize the beauty and value of every human life. In addition to the conference, Life Dress will be hosting Creative Activism Workshops across the region to engage the youth in this unique mission.

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