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Life Dress will be in Argentina next month!

In 2020, abortion became legal up to 14 weeks in Argentina. As the law continues to move towards expanding abortion access, young women across the nation suffer. They are misinformed about the reality of abortion and many do not know they have real options outside of abortion.

Life Dress will be going to Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and surrounding areas this April to help build upon the culture of life and connect this global movement. What will we be doing?

  1. Participating in the Congreso Iberoamericano por la Vida y la Familia (Ibero-American Congress For Life and Family) This Congress in Córdoba is an important convening of leaders and organizations to advance pro-life values in Latin and Central America.

  2. Hosting a Creative Activism Workshop on April 22nd for students on topics ranging from when life begins, what abortion does, and why it is so important to speak out against the greatest human rights injustice of our time - all through the lens of using what we can create and what we wear to spark these vital conversations.

  3. Painting a Life Dress with the proceeds helping fund local pro-life student activism! This Life Dress will be representative of Argentinian culture and how it supports both mother and child.

Why this is critical for advancing the pro-life movement:

  • Young people will create art while learning about how they can use their creativity to advance a culture of life

  • The workshop tackles the global issue of abortion and how the International Planned Parenthood Federation is trying to offer abortion as a solution to young girls all over the world

  • Students will learn how to combat PP’s propaganda and use their gifts to fight for life in their communities

The overall takeaway from the workshop is that every conversation we have with someone about abortion can lead to a planted seed and changed heart. They will learn how to spark those conversations and how to feel confident in sharing the pro-life message.

We are changing the culture, one activist at a time.

You can be a part of this incredible opportunity to share the pro-life message to students and activists in Argentina!

Life Dress needs your support! Here’s a general cost breakdown for the mission:

  • Flights and transportation: $1500

  • Lodging: $500

  • Food and other expenses: $200

  • Workshop materials: $300

Total: $2500

We have just under 1 month to raise this!

If every person who believes in this mission gives what they feel called to, we really can make a difference!

Remember, Life Dress is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so every donation you make is tax deductible!

In addition to monetary donations, you can also donate clothing to be turned into pro-life statement pieces - where all profits go back to funding activism opportunities.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

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