Life Dress Tie

Life Dress Tie


The Life Dress Tie is the perfect way to be fancy and bold- all while standing for life. Instead of shutting down the responsbility and shutting up the voice of men on the issue of abortion, we need to unite as one humanity.

Are you a protector of human life? Are you a pro-life activist? Do you support women facing unplanned pregnancy by standing up for what is right?

Wear your Life Dress Tie proudly at pregnancy resource center fundraising galas, pro-life events, speaking engagements, to the office on Monday morning, to class in the afternoon, and to any situation in-between dressed up or dressed down- it's never a bad time to wear a tie with a bold, conversation-starting message.

With every Life Dress Tie purchase, you'll receive a tie (in the color choice you select), painted with the bold pro-life message!

Colors and texture will vary slightly from tie to tie, making yours truly one-of-a-kind! Choose from a list of designs and colors in the drop-down menu.