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Life Dress will be at Canada's National March for Life!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Life Dress recently had the opportunity to be featured in the upcoming documentary "Roe Canada: The True North in a Post-Roe World" and will also be at the National March for Life in Ottawa this May! Life Dress President, Angelique Clark, will be speaking at the Youth Summit about how we can change pro-abortion culture all over the world with the universal language of art. You'll also be able to pick up a new Life Dress apparel item at the Life Dress Pop-Up shop during the Youth Summit Expo!

This Youth Summit is an incredible opportunity for young Canadians to see themselves as activists in this fight to abolish abortion. Each one of us is needed to use our unique gifts and talents to spread the pro-life message as far and wide as possible. Every conversation we have, every mind we change, every heart we reach is taking us, as a global human family, one step closer to a world free from the greatest human rights injustice of our time.

If you would like to help support this mission to bring the unique approach of Life Dress to Canada, please click here. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

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