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Life Dress will be at the D.C. March & Summit!

Are you going to the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. and the Students for Life National Pro-Life Summit? Come say hi! There will be a Life Dress Pop-Up Shop at the Summit, so be sure to stop by and pick up a unique, hand-painted, pro-life apparel piece to advance your activism everywhere you go. If you need an extra layer to brave the D.C. cold, a Life Dress Denim Jacket and beanie might be exactly what you need!

Tickets to the SFLA Summit are almost sold out, so be sure to get your ticket before they're gone.

This year's theme for the March for Life is Next Steps: Marching in a Post-Roe America and the SFLA Summit theme is Unstoppable.

Together, these themes are inviting us as activists to continue the momentum from the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The fight is far from over but preborn human rights are always worth the battle. We will not stop until we live in a culture that respects life and in a country that protects their rights.

This is the first March for Life in a Post-Roe America. All these years we've been marching to overturn Roe, and it finally happened. That is something to celebrate.

We are marching for the same cause but with a different end goal. With Roe v. Wade in the rearview mirror, our sights are set on a total protection of preborn human beings from the moment of conception.

Every victory leads us further to that reality.

So if you haven't decided yet if you're planning to come, make the last-minute, totally spontaneous decision to make it possible. We need every advocate for life to show up, be present, and create a bold, visible stance for life in our Nation's Capitol.

See you there!

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